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on his applica●tion for a Certificate of Re▓asonable Doubt, which was denied; a▓nd on December 4, 1909, he

of the bull ring

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in c▓onfusion and ignominy.The Mexican newspap●ers, commenting on the incident, c●alled it Brutal Justice. On October ▓3, 1910, Fornaro was discharged.He had s●erved ten months in prison, which ●was[Pg xiv] the full term

  1. of his sentence, exce▓pt for two months off for good behavi●or, which is provided by the▓ laws of New York. Within a few weeks

    after● Fornaro's discharge from prison, after t▓he revolution against Diaz broke out in Mexico,▓ on November 20, 1910, Fornaro was offered $25●,

    000 to leave the United States if there was ●an investigation of the manner in which eviden●ce in his behalf was suppressed or kept from the▓ court

  2. olutionists in Mexico still ●say that this book, in conjunction with ●Francisco I.Madero's The Presidentia●l Succession in 1910, were the greates▓

    t influences in bringing about t▓he fall of Porfirio Diaz. A MODERN PURGATOR●Y THE TRIAL It is the secon▓d day of my trial.The whole perf▓ormanc

    e is tiresome and monotonous in the e▓xtreme.On one side—the side of the prose●cution, the side against me—the case is legal●ly perfect, on my si


de there is practically n●o defense; and surrounded as ●I am by powerful and subtle political influences●, I have come to the conclusion that I have ●as much chance of success—or escape—as the pr▓overbial snowball in Hades.

  1. Conside▓ring my hopeless predicament and my helpless●ness, I am astonished at the sneering and ▓insulting manner of the prosecu

    ting atto▓rney.Why this unseemly desire[Pg 2] to swat as▓ insignificant a gnat as I[1] During lunch ▓at recess I hear that my victim▓ and accuser is

    very much embarrasse●d and annoyed at the pertinent questio●ns asked by the prosecutor and transl▓ated by an interpreter. Ar●e you a picaroon

  2. queried the● District Attorney. No, protested t●he blushing Mexican, I am only a congress▓man. Insults are sometimes the making o

    f ▓a man's reputation, but ridicule always kill▓s, as my Mexican opponent confessed to me on●ce in Mexico City, adding th▓at he never paid the sli

    ghtest attention t▓o insults or libelous attacks ▓of the Mexican press.In this▓ case they made him change his mind and he● was sent twice three th

  3. ousand miles from Mex▓ico to prosecute as libel that which he ●could not even read. [Pg 3] Finally th▓e case is concluded and I

    am▓ led through a maze into the Tombs prison to ●await the deliberation of the● jury. The keepers inquire as to the r▓eal meaning and equivale

    nt in slang of t●he word picaroon, and they seem di▓sappointed at its commonplace meaning ●as compared to the phonetic redundance of a● word which p

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romised so much●.All seem quite certain the jury won't convic▓t, but I am of a different opinion. Aft●er waiting more than two hours I am brought● back to cour


t to hear the decision of t▓he jury.I notice the foreman, a gray-haire▓d, lean person with a long neck two sizes● smaller than his collar.He is speaki▓ng in a low


voice.I cannot hear what he● says, but when he stops, and● I see two Mexican friends a●nd refugees come towards me with tears in their▓ eyes, then I know my fate.They pat me

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●on the back and say encouraging things as to t●he effect the publicity of t●his conviction will have on the cause of [▓Pg 4]liberal Mexico.Newspapermen and friends su▓rround me.An adverse verdict was expected; ne●vertheless I am somewhat dazed.The▓y ask for a declaration, but adequ▓ate words fail me.I can only smil▓e and say awkwardly: It's a▓ll in the day's work.I believe what is to be▓, will be.And the keepers lead me throu

●gh the bridge of sighs. FOOTNO●TE: [1] In justice to the Pr●osecuting Attorney it must be adde●d that over two years after t▓he trial he apologized to the writer in ▓the presence of Judge John J.Freschi, at the P●ress Club. THE TOMBS PRISON Th●e next thing

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